About the Lab


In the Patrick H. Brown lab, our research is focused on understanding and improving agronomic tools for plant nutrition

Our lab covers two broad areas of research:

  • Plant Nutrition
  • Plant Physiology

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Physiology and biochemistry of plant nutrient uptake
  • Interactions of nutrition with disease resistance
  • Selection of crops with improved nutrient efficiency
  • Nutritional requirements of both annual and perennial systems
  • Application technology and development of environmentally sound fertilizer use
  • Molecular and genetic aspects of nutrient acquisition and tolerance

Crops of interest:

  • Nut Crops
  • Citrus
  • Row Crops (Processing Tomato, Wheat, Soybean, Rice)

Current projects are detailed in the "Current Research" tab above and include:

  • Management of Nitrogen in Orchard Ecosystems
  • Salinity and Boron Toxicity in Perennial Crops
  • Biostimulants:  Their Role in Modern Agriculture
  • Advanced Harvest Systems for Almond
  • Dormancy Mechanisms in Perennial Orchard Crops
  • Foliar Fertilizers
  • Coffee Agroecosystems